The Devonian began 419 million years ago, and it ended 358 million years ago. It was the period, which is called the age of fishes. The fishes developed a huge diversity which was dominated by the armoured fishes. On the seafloor, corals, sponges and bryozoans built many reefs. The nautilids and ammonites appeared for the first time. The brachiopods reached a large diversity. On land, the first forests grew with clubmosses, horsetails and ferns. In these forests, scorpions and spiders lived there. Some lobe-finned fishes started to conquer the land and later, the first amphibians emerged. The climate was warm. Close to the end, the second big mass extinction happened.

On the picture, you can see corals, brachiopods, crabs, trilobites and other sea life on the seafloor. Above the ground, armoured fishes are swimming like Bothriolepis and Dunkleosteus. There are also ammonites, graptolites, and the shark Stethacanthus. In the background, the early tetrapods Tiktaalik and Ichthyostega are sitting in a forest with clubmosses, horsetails and ferns.

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