The Jurassic began 201 million years ago, and it ended 145 million years ago. It was the period when the supercontinent Pangea broke off. Huge sponge and coral reefs were built in the seas. There was a huge diversity in different kinds of sea life. The first modern bony fishes emerged. Large ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs ruled the sea. On land, huge forests of conifers and ginkgoes grew. Large dinosaurs lived there. In their shade, the first birds and mammals appeared. Different pterosaurs flew. The climate was warm and wet.

On the picture, you can see sponges, corals, bryozoans, clams, brachiopods and other kinds of sea life on the seafloor. Above them, ammonites, belemnites, fishes and different marine reptiles like Liopleurodon and Plesiosaurus are swimming. An Ichthyosaurus is spinning out of the water. On a trunk, there are large crinoids thriving in the water. In the background, you can see a forest with cycadeens, ginkgoes and conifers. Different dinosaurs like Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus and Allosaurus are walking around. Above them, the pterosaur Pterodactylus and the primeval bird Archaeopteryx are flying.

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