The Neogene began 23 million years ago, and it goes until now. It was or is the period when the Earth and the life on it have become that what they are today. Coral reefs were only built in the tropics. All life forms in the sea became modern. Large sharks and whales dominated the seas. On land, large grass land areas spread out. Large mammals appeared in such areas. In the younger part, the human evolution took place and then, the humans started to conquer the world and to change it with their culture. The climate was dry and cool, and the younger part was an ice age.

On the picture, you can see a coral reef with different kinds of sea life on the seafloor. Above it, fishes like Carcharodon megalodon and marine mammals like the blue whale are swimming. In the background, you can see grass land with some conifers and leafed trees. Different mammals like the mammoth, Smilodon and Chalicotherium are walking around. On the right, prehistoric humans like the Neanderthal and Homo sapiens are sitting in front of a hole in the neighbourhood of a settlement.

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