The r package divDyn for quantifying diversity dynamics using fossil sampling data

Authors: AT Kocsis, CJ Reddin, J Alroy, W Kiessling
Journal: Methods in Ecology and Evolution 10 (5), 735-743

CCATs Ádám and Carl introduce a new easily-accessible and open analytical toolbox for quantifying how biodiversity and rates of extinction and origination change in the fossil record. They illustrate its use by checking the reproducibility of several key paleontological hypotheses, such as the statement that there were five mass extinctions.

Genus‐level Phanerozoic‐scale extinction (a,b) and origination rates (c,d) calculated at the level of 10 million‐year (Myr) bins (a,c) and stratigraphic stages (b,d). Each panel features 12 (3 treatment × 4 rate metrics) curves, either raw, CR (quotas are 4,800 occurrences for the 10 Myr bins and 1,100 for the stages) or Shareholder Quorum Subsampling‐standardized (quorum is 0.7 for both) average per capita rates, corrected three‐timer rates, gap‐filler rates or second‐for‐third substitution rates

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