Buying products

One of your largest contributions to the environment is in the decisions you make as a consumer. From simple things like reducing food waste, buying local, buying less, and repairing clothes and appliances, to making your own cleaning and hygiene products and insulating your house – find some suggestions on this page.

According to Too Good To Go around 1/3 of the produced food goes to waste. This app helps to reduce food waste and thus save CO2 emissions. Moreover, is is applicable in 15 countries and helps you to find good deals on quality food.

Find suggestions for fair and sustainable shopping, mobility, and products in the Erlangen area here.

At the for-free shop Free Willy Umsonstladen in Erlangen, you can bring things you don’t need anymore, and get things you like.

Come to the Repair Café in Erlangen to get some help fixing electronics and mechanical devices.

Buy second hand! Come visit one of the flea markets in your area. For example, check out the oldest Franconian flea market at Bohlenplatz.

Mobility: You probably don’t need a car. Use public transport, car sharing, repair your old bike, rent load-carrying bikes, or walk. There are lots of options of getting around Erlangen.